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Karthik: To the quotes page!

Quinten: We hold up the robot using previous robot's dead batteries right? That's like holding up a human with other humans.

Nina: "There were funny quotes that happened already"

James: "I'm just drinking marshmallows. Lukewarm, melted marshmallows"

Nina: "Child Abuse? Sounds good!"

Tierno: "Joel you're exec next year."

Joel: "NO!"

Joel: "Can't we just force Sunny to be exec?"

Neymika: "I learned what BDSM is this year."

Neymika: "Andrew taught me."

Neymika: "You know the Charlie Brown Nutcracker thing?"

Neymika: "Phillic."

Neymika: "My sister literally called me to tell me about her poop."

Sanjay: "I literally once created a LinkedIn account to stalk someone's dad."

Tierno: "Black and blue, like how we will be at the end of the season."

Tierno: "James is like a meme, but a person."

Susan (looking at last year's quotes page): Is this a fanfiction?

Jonathan: I've never been on the quotes page

Brian: "Oh yeah you do do that"

Ashwin: "Hahah you said doo doo"

Neymika: "Albert how did you engage, inspire, educate, and retain freshmen?"

Albert: "I locked them in my basement and forced them to learn."

Albert: "Actually no I only did that for Puneet and Rahul."

Neymika: "Karthik how did you engage, inspire, educate, and retain freshmen?"

Karthik: "I didn't, I told them to do mech, and they said no."

Ashwin: "Pseudocode is when you don't have admin rights so you have to run it again"

Ashwin: "Treat freshmen with respect, like the dogs that they are."

Nina (Pointing at Ashwin): "Guys look, there's more freshmen!"

Neymika: "Tierno looks like a baby but then he has these big dark circles."

Karthik: "I was literally not able to breathe for 13 hours."

Nash: "Can I use the deburr to get my earwax out?"

Karthik: "Nash4prez"

Brian: "Good idea, hey Finn, Nash4prez."

Finn: "Oh, that was my idea."

Chris: "Let's see what my fortune says."

Fortune Cookie: "Your wisdom will come to you in later years."

Karthik: "We should get a welder."

Sarah: "Why, so your f***ups can be permanent?"

Sahil: "So Brian, what subteam are you on?"

Brian: "I'm not on any subteam. I do networking"

Sahil: "So what company do you work for?"

Brian (who has his Harker IT shirt on): "Harker"

Anand: You should learn to CAD

Karthik: nah

Anand: Why? It's really useful

Karthik: I don't need to, I'm graduating

Anand: You're a senior?!

Tierno: Today is the day that Albert turns into a man. God help us all.

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